Portland Group

Incorporating Portland Steel International & Portland Trade International. Portland Steel International is an independent international steel trading company established in 1996, Portland Trade International has been established to import non steel products into South Africa.

Sourcing & Payment to Suppliers

We source steel and assist non steel customers to finance and deliver their products

Shipping & Movement of Cargo

We handle the movement of product by sea and inland transportation

Superb Service

With us you get more than just your product – you get superb service, plenty of additional value and peace of mind.

Payment Terms

We organise extended payment terms for customers depending on their credit worthiness and ability to be credit insured

Dedicated Team Ready to Assist

We have a dedicated team that analyses global trends, investigates new products, conducts industry research and provides information to our sourcing office and global network, so that they can better serve customers.


It’s all about the right people

An important aspect of this is working with the right people – all our partners are like-minded and dedicated to the Portland Group vision and values

Meet The Portland Team
World Class end-to-end Service

We pride ourselves on delivering a world class end-to-end service that includes sourcing, shipping, delivery (including inland transportation), payment arrangements, insurance and industry advice.

Portland Directors - Roy & Lawrence